Small But Meaningful Tokens of Appreciation

woman holding a small round gift box
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Material things don’t mean much. Shiny objects fade and the price tag attached to them will soon be nothing more than a dent in your bank account. If the relationship ends, you’ll have nothing to show for it aside from the collection of meaningless trinkets that you now have to get rid of. Wouldn’t it be nice if the way you show your love to someone is through meaningful gifts instead? These ideas may be simple, but they show unmatched thoughtfulness and dedication:

Their Favorite Food

With seasons catering to lovers, such as Valentine’s Day, couples are pressured to get the sickly sweet chocolate confections as an affirmation of their affection. But what about other days of the year? You should not only be expressing your love when society expects it. Of course, it would be expensive (and unhealthy) to give your significant other a box of chocolates every day. They’d appreciate it if you give them their favorite snack from time to time instead. That means a fruit basket if they’re health conscious, or you might have to look for cookies shopping stores in Frisco if those are their favorite treats. They may not explicitly tell you what their favorite is, but if you paid attention, you’d figure it out, and they’ll know your feelings are true.

Love Notes

woman putting letter inside an envelopYou don’t always have to spend money on a gift just to make your partner feel special. Even the little things mean so much when done sincerely. In fact, if you can find ways to make them smile without spending anything, it will be even better for the relationship, as that will not change even if your financial situation does. A simple note hidden away in their bag for them to discover at work or a text message in the middle of the day telling them you miss them already means so much. If you remembered a fun memory, go ahead and share it with them. Found a funny meme you think they’d like? Share the link. Anything that makes them feel like they’re an important part of your life will be rewarding for the relationship.

An Affirmation of Your Commitment

When you’re surrounded by other people because of work or other social engagements, there might be space for jealousy. Though you may not be doing anything wrong, don’t dismiss your partner’s feelings. Feeling jealous is a byproduct of having strong feelings for someone. Remind them that you chose them and show them you are dedicated to the relationship no matter how many people come into the scene. Even better, if you notice that they’ve been feeling off after you told them about a colleague they have expressed jealousy for, do not wait for a prompt or a verbal clue. Go straight into reminding them how important they are to you. They’ll appreciate that you’re in tune with their emotions.

A relationship cannot be built on material things alone. At the end of the day, it’s always better to forge it with dedication and commitment.

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